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No Obligation estimate 


When you bring in your bike for service, we always start with a free, no-obligation estimate of the work that will be needed. One of our mechanics will discuss the problem with you and will carefully explain what work should be done and offer alternatives.

Standard Tune UP                    $78.95
Brake adjustment, Shifter & Derailleur Adjustment,  Bottom Bracket Adjustment, Headset Adjustment, Wheel Trueing ,  Hub Adjustment, Lube Chain & Cable and housing for brakes and derailleurs , Safety check for all accessories, i.e. water bottle cages, light, computer, etc. we also clean your bicycle. Everything that can be adjusted is adjusted for this service. * Specialty bikes are not included. I.E. Tandems , Trikes - Parts are not included in the tune up price, these are extra. We also warranty all of our work for 30 days. We also are happy to make suggestions on replacement for parts that are not working properly or are due to be replaced, You ultimately decide and have the choice to decline or move ahead with the service.                     
Flat Repair              
$12 + the cost of the tube, typically $6.99
*Some bikes and wheels may have a higher charge. We inspect the tire / tube and wheel to ensure we fix your flat properly.



Drive-train Tune-Up $55.95

(Shop Supply Charges May Apply)

The Drive-train Tune is for when just your drive-train is in need of extra attention. .Service includes: Solvent clean chain, Detail clean both derailleurs, clean cranks, Cassette or Freewheel.

Correct torque specification for bottom bracket, Correct torque specification for cranks and derailleurs adjustment Lube cable and housing for derailleurs.


Deluxe Tune-Up $98.95 

(Shop Supply Charges May Apply)

The Deluxe Tune is for when your whole bike needs extra attention. It allows for the installation of most parts at a discounted price.Includes all Basic Tune-Up services plus: Major wheel true/ work, Discounted Overhauls, Or you need way more attention to your bike that the standard tune up. Extremely dirty bikes qualify under this.


Pro Tune-Up $139.95

(Shop Supply Charges May Apply)

The Pro Tune is a Deluxe Tune plus a Drive-train Tune at a value price. It allows the installation of any drive-train part for FREE. It also allows the installation of most other parts at a discounted price.


Expert "Overhaul" Road Tune-Up $225.00

(Shop Supply Charges May Apply)

This is a performance tune up designed for road bikes & all others. It includes everything in the Pro Tune (Deluxe plus drive-train tune) along with the labor to install all new cables and housing and handlebar tape.

Basically we take apart your bicycle and rebuild the whole bike. 


Ala Carte Services:

For example you may only need 1 or 2 things addressed on your bicycle. 

- Wheel Truing $20.00 per wheel *

- Brake adjust $ 12.00 per brake *

- Der adjust $12.00 per der

- Quick Lube & Tire pressure check , safety check $17.00

We are a full service bicycle shop that can handle your needs on any make model of bicycles. We can do it all.

* Specialty bikes and certain bikes have a slightly higher up-charge.


Restoration Services:

Every bicycle is different and depending on the build can have a wide range for these services. From repainting your frame and applying new decals to custom building your wheels to sourcing parts from across the world. Please contact us or stop in to talk about these services.



Military Discount for Services:

- Simply bring in your Military ID or Seperation Papers and we will discont your Tune Up or Repair Service. Also 5% off most bikes some exclusions apply, or if our sale price is better.


Q:) Do I need to show you proof?

A:) Yes