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Jonny Rock's Favorite Things- PT 1

Granted Jonny Rock is no Oprah, but he does have a few ideas worth wrapping to fill your holiday tree skirt or stocking. If your loved one has a bike and they just need the things to dress it up a little here are some great gift ideas.

1) Studded Tires

In the winter if you're not fat bike riding its important to have wonderful traction.

Check out these tires we have on special at Jonny Rock Bikes!

$39.99 each is a steal and makes a wonderful stocking stuffer! (regularly priced at $70 each)

2) Bags - How do you expect your loved one to get to where theyre going if they don't have all of their things? Jonny Rock has small bags that hold your phone and some money or large ones for the commuter.

Come and see our selection of bags like the one pictured.

3) Phone Holder

Yes they make those for your bike! No more worrying if you'll drop your phone. Let's face it if you're going the speed of light even a monster case will not protect that fall. Starting at $25. You can afford to give this year!

4) Everyone NEEDS and Is a $25, 3 piece gift

A Multi Tool & Flat Tire Kit & Co2 Mini Canister

Have you ever been out on a ride and you got a flat? Having these three items on you can

easily fix your tire on the side of the trail and be on your way. There is a huge selection of Multi tools to choose from ranging in price from $15 - $35 (depending on how many gadgets it has).

A co2 canister is a little canister that can instantly fill a tire in an emergency. its a great must have item for anyone that rides more than a block from their house. ($4.00)

The Co2 and the flat tire kit ( $2.00- $5.00) go hand in hand because you will need something to hold that air in for you.

For all of these wonderful gifts and more stop by Jonny Rock Bikes today ! Open 7 days a week.

8890 Excelsior Blvd Hopkins MN and coming soon an additional location in Bloomington. also carries many new and refurbished bikes and accessories.

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