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SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS -  These items may take 2-7 business days to get in stock, if you order something that is not listed "in Stock" these items are also subject to availablity from our suppliers, New Bikes must be picked up in store. If they are not in stock at the warehouse your purchase will be refunded.


PLEASE FOLLOW UP WITH A PHONE CALL (952) 594-5333 OR EMAIL if you have placed a order!

With our NEW Website we may encounting "Errors" for example you may be charged shiping. If you don't live in Minnesota all Internet sales will be billed with no tax. So a refund would be coming back to you if you we're charged sales tax for Texas. Don't worry we will adjust your invoice and you will recieve a email or phne call regarding it. If you buy something and its sold out we will refund your account promptly.




*Custom can me a varirty of things. For example a completely New Build with 100% new never owned parts. We sometimes use take off parts from new bikes, demo parts which mean it might of been used for 2 minutes in the showroom. OEM stock , we use these new parts that are left overs from maufactueres from the bike builds. Regardless we are putting out a great quality and sometimes awesome quality bikes at a discounted price.


USED BIKES - All used bikes are sold as is. For bikes under $150.00 we will do adjustments for 15 days free of charge. Bikes $150 and up get a 30 day warranty with 15 days of wiggle room, so that ends up being 45 days. This means we will adjust, tune and or repalce parts if they are needed to ensure your used bicycle is operating properly. There are absoultly NO RETURNS on used bicycles.


NEW PARTS / ITEMS: Item must be sealed , ununsed, in original packaging with a sales reciept and brought back within 10 business days. For store credit



These items are just that "pen box buys" new, and ready for a new home. They may be returns, boxes ripped in shipping, cosemtic issue, these items are sold as is with "NO RETURNS" , being sold below MSRP. Closeout - discontinued may apply here.


Special Orders:

We like to provide you other non in stock options. These items are current products that are normally in stock from our vendors at there warehouses located near us. We are happy to take your order on these items. They will be verified that they are in stock or you will get a refund if the stock has been sold out. All Special orders are not returnable becuase you dont like it. Make sure you want it before you make a commitment. Manufactury warranty applies for NEW BIKES & NEW PARTS.


Service Promise: Fair honest pricing, we will make suggestions if you decline and only want your tire fixed when the rest of the bike is falling apart , I hate to say it, I told you so. We warranty all our work for 30 days. Parts warranty subject to maufacteres warranty period.




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