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Established 2011



How Do I Place An Order?​

You may place a special order via our online store.  If there is a product or bike you are looking for that is not listed please email or call us (952) 594-5333.  Bikes not in stock may take up to 5 - 7 days to be ready for pick up .  We do not ship complete new model bikes. Custom Built or one offs and or discounted bikes can be shipped.  Shipping of incomplete bikes or parts may take 7 -10 days. Shipping is extra on all products unless noted FREE SHIPPING.


Payment & Shipping

Online and  in store purchases require payment in full via credit or debit card upon purchase or special order. 


We do ship some complete (NEW) bikes, New "stock" ordered  bikes are excluded.   We will however ship a used bike that requires minimal assembly upon arrival. Bikes are typically only shipped within the lower 48 of the USA. We also ship all accessories and parts globally.


We do ship all products internationally.  Bikes Excluded unless you want to pay a high , very high premium,


We do insure all shipping.  



Secure Ordering & Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards and cash in store.  

Payments are secure through our website. We also accept Paypal.




Returns & Refunds

Jonny Rock Bikes does not accept refunds for used bikes shipped or bought in store, they do typically have a 45 day warranty on adjustments for local customers. All of our discounted parts and bikes do not qualify for returns. Bikes & Parts purchased at regular pricing do qualify for replacements  or defect issues within 2 weeks or within the manufactueres warranty time line for defects or workmanship issues.

We do guarentee our services for 30 days on all repair work.



Donations Accepted

Jonny Rock Bikes does accept bicycle donations. Any time we are open just bring your bikes in and we will take care of the rest. We will try to salvage what we can from the bike and recycle what we cant use. Sometimes we repurpose these bikes and fix them back up. We also fix some of them up and donate to people in the community. We also particapte in clean outs for bicycles via apartment buildings and city projects.


How do you get your used bikes?

Donations, Garage Sales , Dumpsters,  Trade Inns from our customer base. Once you get a bike from us most customers come back after they discovered how much they enjoyed there used bicycle. We also do consignment.




Thank you for shopping with us!


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