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We can get almost any part or bike from our brands.


Q.) Can you get me Shimano, Campagnolo or Sram parts for example?


A.) Answer: YES

For the most part we have accounts with J&B, SRAM, QBP, KHS, SBS, BTI, MERRY SALES, VELOCITY, CHRIS KING, PHILLWOOD, CANE CREEK, FOX for example just a few.... So we can get almost anything you need. We cant order speciality brand parts like Specialized, Trek & Giant parts & accesiores . Most of these products are branded and relabled anyways.


Q:) So you have all those parts and brands in stock?


A.) Answer : NO

Hold your horses there, If we did we would need to be the size of a Super Target. We are happy to order what we dont have in stock or for example order some hubs and build you  up a hand built custom wheel set.


Q:) How can you sell your bikes / products at such great prices below everyone else?


A:) It's easy we source and hunt for the "BEST DEALS" and pass them on to the customers. We take advanantage of one offs, open box buys, OEM Stock,  closeouts and demo products and factory "Blems" as well as sale items.

Of course there are items that we sell that can't be discounted. This isnt always the case, but we still try to ensure we get the best price options.

Dealer Status:

  • KHS

  • Batch

  • Head

  • Seven Peaks

  • SE


  • FUJI


  • REID


  • HARO

  • SUN


  • FOX


  • Phillwood

  • Chris King

  • White Industries

  • Shimano

plus many more .....


We can order quite a few other brands such as:

  • Surly - We can order all these products as well.

  • Soma - We can order all these products as well.

  • Pake - We can order all these products as well.

  • Handsome - We can sometimes get these bikes in

  • Framed - We can order these products.






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