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Haro Flightline 20 MTB-  Kids Bike

Haro Flightline 20 MTB- Kids Bike


Thanks to its lower stand-over height frame and 20" wheelset, the Flightline 20 is perfect for adventurous youngsters who love to ride but aren't quite ready for the larger 24" or 26" wheel-sizes yet. The FL 20 features Haro's low profile X6 alloy frame with a ton of stand-over clearance. Bumps don't stand a chance thanks to its suspension fork with 35mm of travel. The FL 20 features a new 1x7-speed drive-train with a single chainring and Revo shifter to make it easier to switch gears.



*Prices subject to change. May or may not include surcharges. Check with store for final pricing. 

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