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The Jonny Rock Fat Bike - Is here!

I've always wanted to do more for my customers and I love building bikes!!!!!! So what did I do? I Found our own FAT BIKE! This is a Cro-mo Frame fat bike that uses 4.9" tires! Very similar to some of the bikes that sell for $ 2,400 - $ 2,700 ....... Im excited for this new adventure !

Tom came in after hearing about the Framed MN Fat bikes....After we talked bikes and test drove our Framed Fat Bikes & our KHS Fat Bike....... Tom said "What are these Fat Bikes over here"?....... These are my private lable bikes I am testing , after we went over the differences between this bike and the others Tom was very ecited. We finished our 2 bikes this week. And he bought one !

Thanks for your busness Tom!


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