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You Can Lose lbs and have fun by going Plus or Fat

Since plus mountain bikes and fat bikes came on the scene their popularity through the seasons has grown with the wellness industry boom. Now that we are going into another Covid spike around the country many will be taking part in outdoor sporting more than ever before. So if you've ever thought or been thinking it would be fun to take in the outdoors while sweating it out in the snow, we have some great answers for you.

Jonny Rock Bikes actually loves this sector of biking so much we created a winter Bike Race years ago for Fat bikers of all levels. Called the Fat Bike Blitz.

So what are the differences between a Fat Bike and a Plus Mountain Bike?

Lets break it down.

Fat tire bikes have tires that are 4 to 5 inches wide. The hubs and bottom bracket are much wider to accommodate the tire also. Initially developed to ride in snow and sand many riders found it to be comfortable so they use their larger bike all year round.

It’s great for grip but not precision. So definitely made for a wider trail and know it pull you around a bit when you turn curves and such.

pictured a Fat Bike.

A plus bike has about a 3 - 3.5 inch tire and a wide bottom bracket to accommodate the tire. It will feel like you can climb just about anything but riding this in snow may not give you the results you are looking for in terms of easier ride. Being on a wider tire you will be able to push through heavy or sludge better on a fat bike. When riding trails all season and milder snow in the winter you will feel like you have a secondary suspension because of the wider tire .

Pictured a plus Mountain Bike

In terms of climbing, comfort, grip, and traction a Fat Bike will be a better choice if you are looking at those factors.

If you are using your bike to bike paved trails covered in snow or sand the plus will be great for agility, less friction, and lighter weight.

So whether you are choosing a Fat Bike or Plus Bike you will find a whole new reason to enjoy riding and stay healthy without having to work out indoors.

For all of your biking needs for yourself or making a great gift selection head over to the newly updated Jonny Rock Bikes Online Store and check out our bikes and accessories. You can also now pre order and arrange for local drop off delivery in the Twin Cities of products by just letting us know when you purchase online or in store.


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