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Making Improving the Community Official

It is no secret that since Jonny Rock Bikes started back in 2011 that we wanted to not only make biking affordable and easy for everyone, but we wanted to improve the communities that our stores reside in . The Hopkins store has been mighty in it's 11 year run and we have been happy to be part of community growth events in Hopkins through the years. It has been a dream to be able to open a second location to not only prove that our basis of JRB (a bike for everyone) is one that can be replicated but one that could expand into where we actually reside as a family. A city that Jonny Rock actually has lived in all his life, Bloomington Mn.

Jonny Rock Bikes Bloomington MN 9150 Old Cedar Ave S.

What JRB Has Done So Far

Jonny Rock bikes has participated in various famers market and community events throughout the years in both cities that our stores reside in. JRB has participated in recycling events in many other cities all over the Twin Cities where we collect bikes to be refurbished or parted to reduce waste in our cities and landfills. JRB even created / established a fat bike race in northern suburbs ( Fat Bike Blitz) to encourage community and build awareness for winter biking / biking year round.

Jonathan Minks with Family Hiking In Bloomington Mn Park and Bike Trail in Mound Springs Park area along the MN River Valley.

When the pandemic hit everyone was more involved with being outside. The Minks family was like so many others and hiked and biked like crazy. When you're out more you notice and brainstorm more ways something could be more improved or enjoyed. How you see what other communities are doing and wanting that for where you live too. However, where JRB is located in South Metro and where the JRB family lives, there hasn't been opportunities within reach for JRB to make a difference... until now.

Kids riding bikes from Jonny Rock Bikes at Valley View Bike and Skate Park in Bloomington Mn


Our family has history and roots in Bloomington Mn and like so many other communities evolving to be more green and provide reasons for new families to relocate to or stay in those communities, The City Of Bloomington appoints a board to meet and discuss what is needed in the community and how to achieve that in our Parks and Recreations Board.

It is with great pleasure that we get to announce Jonathan Minks, the owner and creator of Jonny Rock Bikes, is the newly appointed member to the City of Bloomington Park and Recreation Commission. In his three year term he will volunteer his time and advise the City Council on matters related to the capital development, improvement and maintenance of city parks as well as recreation and cultural arts programs. Jonathan Minks and JRB want people to feel the heartbeat of the community in outdoor recreation and the parks we gather in.

What Does This Mean For The Community?

It means that you have a small business owner who also lives in the community helping to shape and improve. Its a "go between" voice and direct link to hear from you and bring ideas back to the city council.

If you don't live in Bloomington this is something you should definitely inquire about doing and being a part of for your own community. You'll be a part of the solution when you give one of your most valuable assets. Time.

If you would like to discuss park and recreation ideas or improvements (bike paths, bike events, recreational events at the park) please feel free to reach out to Jonathan.

Jonathan Minks

Park & Recreation Commission

Bloomington Parks and Recreation


1800 West Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington, MN 55431

Phone 952-563-8877


We are PROUD TO BE NOMINATED AND NOW WE NEED ONE SMALL CLICK FROM YOU Starting from March 12th 2023. Dont Worry We will Remind You!

If you would like more update and news regarding what Jonny Rock Bikes is doing to improve community and creating health & wellness awareness please subscribe to our blog by going to our home page.


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