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How do you measure up?

All too often we get a guy that comes in to the shop telling us they know their height. About 60 % of the time astonishingly people do not know their actual height. The biggest question we get is "What is my bike size"?

Measuring a bike to know the right fit is probably the top question we get at Jonny Rock Bikes.

Therefore sizing someone has to be done on their own correctly because well... we'd have to get in your "junk" if we did it and that's not legal.

So how can you measure yourself and walk into a bike shop confident, assured, and feeling like a rock star next to Mr. Bike sales guy?

To find your bike size simply measure your inseam.

Get a tape measure or measuring tape and stand against a wall and measure from the floor to inside of one leg to the top of your pants. A general idea will give you your pant size but if your pants a bit long or you hem them that won't be correct.

If you cant get a good enough angle you could stand against a wall and mark your top of pants below crotch on wall and measure after you step away.

For kids bike sizing depends on child overall height and their inseam.

Or you can use this chart.

For this and all things Biking head into your local Jonny Rock Bikes in Bloomington or Hopkins or Check out our Online Store

Additionally you can call or send a message on FB Messenger for any need that you are looking for.


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