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Bike Shortages Still Happening 8 months After Covid -19 Lockdown

Back in April we posted on our social media about Owner Jonny Rock Bikes, Jonathan Minks giving an interview on a Fox National News Station, Fox Business.

In it he talked about the shortage in bikes because manufacturing plants were closed in China. Believe it or not almost no bikes or parts are manufactured in the U.S.A.

For many many months wholesale distributors that supply bike shops and retailers with bikes, parts, and more do not have product on shelves to ship to retailers. Especially anything that is low budget or middle of the road when it comes to budget.

Now with Covid -19 infection numbers spiking across the world, yet again, you can bet this will be the case heading into 2021.

The issue has gotten so troublesome that bike shops are running low on parts to even fix used bikes that people would normally not even bother fixing. There is literally almost nothing to buy.

A few weeks ago Jonny Rock Bikes received calls from other bike shops looking for parts so that they can complete jobs in house and because they know that we stock more than a lot of typical bike shops. As well as dealing in used parts.

Jonny Rock Bikes Owner , Jon Minks says "We can put in an order for 40 bikes and we might get six" because that is what manufacturers do. They decide based on what gets shipped to U.S. how they can distribute the products no matter how many you ordered. Consistently what we order it's not what we get in store to sell".

Jon also recommends you pre order products if you are interested in something. "Price shopping is almost not an option anymore because we have customers that come in and look at a bike and go to another store to look as well. Sure price shopping is smart but in this market it's has the consumer on a wild goose chase. By the time they come back an hour later the bike is gone because it's been sold to someone that acted faster."

You can view the interview Jon did with Fox Business Here

To Pre Order A Bike or view our fantastic selection of new and refurbished products please head to our STORE PAGE or visit us in one of our safe shopping experience locations.


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