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Cycling in your home with a group feel or scenic tours.

Because we are a MN company we consistently research ways for cycling to be year round for everyone.

Of course with the explosion of online workouts there are many options to stay fit through the winter, increase endorphins, and have fun. We promote all types of cycling workouts and offer fantastic alternatives for you to consider.

A great way to keep moving is to purchase a stationary bike and keep yourself moving even through the woes of distance learning and working from home.

Although certain brands market the ease of memberships and purchasing their indoor cycle it adds up to be thousands plus a subscription. So I researched a way for just about anyone to enjoy indoor cycling. You can purchase any decent indoor cycle for around $300 (and up) on Amazon and view any cycling/spinning group class on Youtube.

However Jonny Rock Bikes carries another alternative to cycling outdoors as well. A trainer that you hook up to your existing bike.

Ours start at $230 and gives you a real cycling experience. (currently until Jan 10th 2021 we are offering 15% off when you show this blog post or the ad from our social at check out!)

We recommend road bikes, mountain bike, hybrid bike to hook into these .

Another fantastic benefit to using a trainer vs. a spin bike is storage. You do have to store two bikes if you purchase a spin bike vs just the one bike and trainer if you utilize a trainer.

How to Use A Trainer:

Trainers are basically "plug in and play". You lock your bike into a track making your existing bike feel like a stationary bike. You get a great stationary bike experience and can do any of the riding classes found for free on Youtube. Simply type in key words Like "Bike Ride with Trainer" or "Indoor Cycling Videos". Position your bike in front of your television or iPad stand and ride through mountains, forests, and many other scenic routes throughout the world and set to music ! You can also hook up a rear wheel bike computer or just wear your smart watch for a easy way to gauge your heart rate and calories.

For more bike products available for purchase check out our safe shopping experiences in both of our locations in Bloomington MN and Hopkins MN or our Online Store!

We offer curb side pick up, and free local Twin Cities delivery with purchase of $200 or more.


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