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Let Me See Your Hips Shake

How does cycling improve your hip tightness or hip pain ?

If there’s one thing my husband knows is there is spot in my hips that when massaged I practically jump off the couch and let out such an enormous shout because of the pain. The kind of good hurt. Like when a massage therapist has a knot they are really working out and you can barely breathe so you have to be reminded… yeah.. That kind of pain.

So I started researching how cycling could help me not just because I know I have a pain and stiffness in my hips that needs to be worked out, but also to help me excel in my other fitness routines like in my yoga practice and running and even my posture.

While as I get older l could just continue my usual exercise routines, but what’s the fun in that? Also as I get older I find that I want to challenge myself to new exercise goals to be similar to my twenty year old self. I don't know about you but knowing I can keep up or be even healthier than I was in my twenties is a goal of mine (even with the mileage I've put on my own body). Could be realistic… or maybe not. In any case, here are some interesting facts I found. With all of that

  1. Don’t Be Afraid

In general when you find there is a tighter area in your bodies muscles or joints its a good idea to not be afraid to improve the range of motion of that area because it gets the fluid inside of the joints then lubricating them. (DIsclaimer: Please note before you start any exercise routine that is out of the ordinary for you, you should consult with your doctor)

  1. Bum Cushioning Matters

Riding with a comfortable seat ( and positioned correctly) may be one of of the most important things you can do when trying to loosen those hip joints and not aggravating any hip pain you have. Sometimes bikes come with a seat that is not comfortable and it can easily be switched out and for not a lot of money.

  1. Trying a Trainor

Say you have a great bike ( if in MN ridible for the 3 short seasons) and you are not quite ready to commit to a fat bike for winter riding. There is a solution! A trainor is a stand that you can make your bike stationary and is very fun and effective. Additionally many doctors say that stationary riding is even safer for loosening hip joints or improving range of motion in a hip that has been repaired.

Another bonus is you will have a low cost way to exercise indoors through the winter or until you get the bug to get a fatbike and have a ton of fun.

  1. Build up your stamina

Just like any exercise routine you cannot be a “hero” and fulfill your dreams of being able to do the splits in a few bike rides. So start with short rides and build up in increments. Starting with 20 minutes and adding 5 - 10 minutes every few rides. { more info about stamina and hip pain pointers can be found (}.

So have fun with loosening your joints and get out there and ride!

See you soon in Jonny Rock Bikes

- Kat Minks

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