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Hey ! That dude is on my Bike!

Bike theft is extremely common and completely preventable given the right lock. Jonny Rock Bikes carries a plethora of options ranging in price from $15 - $150. Which one you pick may depend on how many times your bike has been stolen or how expensive it is.

Here is some bike insurance suggestions.

1) U LOCK - This is the safest type of lock you can buy. It is the thickest metal that bike locks com in. Shown Lock Retails for $35 each.

2) OttoLock - a light weight bendable cinch lock. It will fit into he smallest bike bag to bring along or attach it easily as you ride and you won't even know its there. Retails for $35 - $60 each.

3) Basic Wire Lock - This will at the very least if nothing detour a petty thief. Granted this lock could be cut with snip but if you're parking your bike in a foot traffic area with people around it hopefully that would not be the case. Great for kids who ride their bikes to school.

Sunlite Cable Lock $15

Sunlite Bike Lock

Jonny Rock Bikes encourages you to protect your bike with one of the amazing products we carry . Hopefully you wont encounter people that like to be onto naughty list with one of these wonderful locks protecting your bicycle. These also make wonderful gifts!

bike holiday gift

Head into Jonny Rock Bike 8890 Excelsior Blvd Hopkins MN or online

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