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Why A Little Competition Is Good

Biek Race any season

You may look at this photo and think ..."no no no..That is not me"

We're here to tell you that you may think it's not, but you can do it.

It's the psychology of sports and is a proven way to drive people (even the most unfit) into competition. To win. More and more people are using the excuse of a 5k, 10k, etc for running and now it has leapt into amateur racing of bikes. A achievement to strive for and way to kick your butt into shape before the big thaw.

There are many amateur races out there and its a matter of giving it a try.. your best try to see if you have what it takes to win even the a ribbon. Or maybe more in some cases.

All season long there are plenty of amateur fat bike races to take part in. You need only a working fat bike now many options are available and possibly some outdoor gear. Which you likely have already.

Such as the Race Jonny Rock Bikes Sponsors in conjunction with the city of Becker. A fun family outing and Fat Bike Race in one!

Fat Bike Blitz is for anyone at any riding level to take part in and there is a cash prize at stake. A great location at Pebble Creek Golf Club in Becker, spectators can sample food and beer, demo bikes, stand by a fire pit and watch the fun races as competitors race on groomed track that can sometimes have some tricky terrain.

You can sign up at

Other races in MN that are fun for amateur competitors are:

If you are looking to warm up for Fat Bike Blitz you can try Get Phat With Pat. A race on the MN river bottoms.

Loppet Ski Fest has a smaller race with groomed trails.

The Snow Bowl - another family friendly event and race.

With all of these winter festivity options it's very easy to get in gear and get riding.

If you're unsure of what you need to compete in a fat bike winter race. Here's a few tips.

How to Prepare:


Its a good idea to have ridden a fat bike before trying to race. Getting your bike prepped and tire pressure being just right is an important piece to racing. Too much and you'll bounce everywhere, too little and getting through the slosh will be much more difficult. A bike trainer is also a great way to prep for a race.


Wear the right layers. No matter the temp you will get hot. Showing up in a snowmobile suit is not a good idea. So make sure your wear different thin layers. These should be comprised of

Base Layers

Warm Layers

Wind Proof Layers

Facial gear is important as well. On your head you need to dress like you are snow blowing 4 feet of snow. Make sure to wear ski goggles and face mask.

Bring Something to wear after the race. You will be sopping wet likely so bring a change of clothes and cleansing cloths to change and be presentable to accept your award and grab a celebratory drink.

Good luck and get out there!

You can find all of your bike racing needs at Jonny Rock Bikes both at our Hopkins location ( now in our 9th year of being open 8890 Excelsior Blvd) and newly opening Bloomington Location as of March 1 2020. (9150 Old Cedar ave)

Come in and see or check out a sampling of our inventory online. If you don't see it we can get it usually within a 48 hrs.

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