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Jonny Rock Bikes Expands

You may have seen the buzz floating around on social media but Jonny Rock Bikes Bloomington is opening this Sunday!

We are excited and know that this type of business will be the perfect addition to a part of the community that needs more retail small business for the younger families moving into the area.

Previously mostly filled with warehouses based businesses and a large focus on big box retailers, East Bloomington has been in need of smaller yet well organized retail businesses. Jonny Rock Bikes hopes to bring a start to the refresh happening to this part of town and invite people of all stages of their life to come in and learn and enjoy the store. Located right next to the Eagles and a 3 minute bike ride to the river bottoms and old cedar bridge, Jonny Rock Bikes offers bike and skateboard products in every prices range.

The grand opening will host a formal celebratory ribbon cutting where Jon will make remarks and we will celebrate with kid friendly activities making it easy for families to attend and view the nearly 5,000 sq foot store and meet owner, Jon Minks. This is the second location added to the Jonny Rock Bikes Brand. The first one in Hopkins on Excelsior Blvdd has been open for nine years and continues to be a mainstay in the bike community because it offers something that many shops don't, affordability in bike products.

Jonny Rock Bikes will carry new and used bike products of all types ( mountain bikes, fat bikes, road bike, children's bikes, long boards, accessories, parts, and more). In addition JRB plans to offer bike how to classes in the coming months as well as potential for a wellness classes.

Jonny Rock Bikes

Grand Open 12 noon - 4 pm Sunday March 1st

9150 Old Cedar Ave Bloomington MN 55425

For more info about products Jonny Rock Bikes carries check out store brands in store or online

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