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6 of The Best Family or Shorter Fall Biking Spots in Metro Area

Fall biking is some of the best and most picturesque biking all over the US and world.

So what are the best places to bike in the fall with kids or even if you just want to do a short ride that is beautiful enough to make you forget your troubles for a few hours?

Since JRB is based in MN we thought we'd break it down for you.

6) Bruce Vento Sanctuary Trail

Situated near the Como Conservatory and Zoo.

5) Hyland Trail In Bloomington

You can start at the guest serves by the Play area and do a ride on a paved trail surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees and near a lake in about an hour. Perfect if you have small kids just starting on bikes.

4) Dakota Rail Regional

Wayzata to New Germany

There are trails that are small and large. Shared with hikers, runners, walkers.

175 Grove Lane Wayzata, MN 55391

3) The Gateway Browns Creek Trail

The former Soo Line rail bed, now paved, runs 18 miles from St. Paul, MN to Pine Point Park in Stillwater, MN.

2) Hidden Falls Regional

Hidden Falls Regional Park is located along the Mississippi River bluffs. 6.7 Miles of Paved Trails .

1) Old Cedar Avenue Bridge and Mendota Trail and River Bottoms Trail

The river bottoms trail is not paved but you can start your ride at the Old Cedar Bridge Park and make your way to a Mendota trail . Before you go stop by Jonny Rock Bikes Bloomington (9150 Old Cedar Ave) which is right across the road from the entrance to the park with a sizable parking lot, picnic areas, walking, restrooms, and more.

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