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The Ways Jonny Rock Bikes Gives

It's important for every business to give in the ways that they are blessed as well.

At Jonny Rock there are several ways we give back to our community.

We feel the more we give back to the community, the better we become in building foundations for our kids.

The first way Jonny Rock gives back is the many clean up programs we take part in through out the year. We partner with several cities to staff a bike clean up at their recycling stations every year. Reusing and repurposing the bikes instead of the bikes ending up in a land fill.

Secondly we provide an internship program where young adults ages 14 to 16 learn the basics of the work force. How to greet customers. The importance of image of a brand and various customer service topics. Often once they are older they land a job at Jonny Rock Bikes in Sales or Service. These basic skills help them have confidence in all areas of their lives.

Thirdly we sponsor a bike race and cash prize. The Fat Bike Blitz is held every hear the last weekend in February in Becker and is a lot of fun. With both mens and womens races held at Pebble Creek, it is a family friendly event with spectators, food , and plenty of MN winter pride! We work through the year to obtain several bike related prizes and offer a cash prize to our participants. You can sign up at


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